Saturday, February 28, 2015

Operator 25

Yet another popular breakfast/brunch/lunch spot to try. Very high rating as listed on Urbanspoon. Decided to try a couple of their breakfast options so as to compare it to a couple of our favourites(Top Paddock and Hardware Société). 

So,  how was it? We ordered the following:
Thick wood smoked Kaiser bacon served with fried quail eggs,  gem lettuce,  watercress,  blackberries, crostini and caesar dressing - Overall, it tasted quite fresh and the bacon was nicely smoked. However, the quail eggs being quite tiny as they are, were kinda lost taste wise in the dressing and smokiness of the bacon. A simple fried egg or two would have been better. Also, the crostini added nothing to the dish.

Matcha and white chocolate hot cakes with black sesame cream,  sour cherry, banana chips, toasted hazelnut and cherry sauce - Good hit of green tea but the white chocolate was too subtle. Too heavy in the end as the hotcakes were quite thick and dense so maybe one would have been enough, halved to make two pieces.

Conclusion: The high rating is not justified but it is a good addition to the what is available in the city. Some of the other options on the menu may actually be quite nice and the lunch options sound good and are available from 11.30 a.m.

Service: :star :star :star :star :star
Quality of food: :star :star :star ½
Value for money: :star :star :star :star

Type of venue: Breakfast, Brunch, Coffee

Worth a retune visit? Maybe.

Address: 25 Wills Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

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