Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Uoriki Kaisen Sushi (魚力海鮮寿司)

Uoriki Kaisen Sushi (魚力海鮮寿司) is a small sushi bar located on the "food hall" floor of the Shibuya Tokyu Department Store. You may be tempted to get something from the various stalls in the food hall but trust us, Uoriki Kaisen Sushi is a must try and rates very highly on some of the best sushi we have ever had. Besides, you can always buy some fresh mochi for dessert after. We had:

Large boiled conger eel (¥500 each) - Large it is. Tastes amazing, succulent and meltingly soft.

Fatty tuna/otoro (¥500 each) - Such good value. Simply divine and so meltingly soft that chewing isn't really necessary.

Horse mackerel (¥160 each) - Nice colour on the skin, bluish green and good flavour to it.

Abalone (¥500 each) - Again, simple and delicious. Served with a small piece of the gonad on top.

Boiled octopus (¥160 each) - No idea how the octopus remains so tender. So simple and yet a nice subtle flavour and not much chewing required.

Uni (¥300 each) - Fresh and so deliciously creamy and sweet. A must try for those who haven't had it before.

Service: :star :star :star :star :star 
Quality of food: :star :star :star :star :star 
Value for money: :star :star :star :star :star

Type of venue: Japanese, Sushi 

English menu: Yes.

Worth a return visit? Yes.

Address: B1 Tokyu Department Store, 2-24-1 Shibuya

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